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For many people, there is nothing quite like a Sunday morning at the first tee. The expanse of lush, green fairways and the soft sounds of the resident sparrows provide the perfect escape from daily stresses and worries. Did you know that golf has been a sport of over 500 years? Even then, they appreciated a quality swing! They were constantly evolving their equipment and using new techniques and materials.

To this day we are always on a search for improving our game and finding what works for us. The Golf Club Exchange is your one stop to both buy and sell preowned golf equipment. Committing to brand of clubs without the opportunity to take them on the course is no longer a concern. We carry everything from clubs to balls to accessories to give you the best selection of gently used equipment.

We have set forth an entrusted system to evaluate and select the items posted on our site. We promise to provide a platform for high quality equipment and customer service!